Alfred Ng is a Chinese / Canadian designer and artist, who lives in Toronto Canada.

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When I was three years old and growing up in Hong Kong, one day I came across my teenage neighbour practicing Chinese brush painting. From that moment, I felt inspired me to paint. Being from a working class family, without any encouragement from my parents, I started to learn to paint on my own. In 1973 our family moved to Canada and then I was able to receive the formal art training I was looking for. After graduation, I realized that art school hadn't prepared me for how difficult it was going to be to become an artist. It took me many years to learn to balance home and work life, discipline my time, and follow what inspired that day in Hong Kong when I was three.

After a decade working as designer I was laid off during the recession in early 90's. That forced me to reassess what I wanted in life. I decided that being an artist is a gift to be embraced. I started working hard as a full time artist. There were many hard times and sacrifices but there were also many rewards on the way.

Nature, people, travel and architecture are the major source of inspiration for my works.